Summertime Blues…

Summer just isn’t the same when you still have to get up and do life everyday.  I miss the summer days of sleeping past noon, spending the day in a swimsuit, and only having to worry about how many more days left of glorious bliss you had before school reclaimed your life.  But somewhere along the way I became an adult.  I’m still not sure exactly where it happened, but is has. 

I like adult life.  I enjoy being able to go anywhere I want, whenever I want and having the freedom to make my own choices.  But the pros don’t always outweigh the cons. 

Okay this is getting depressing, which is far from what I actually want this blog to be.  Therefore, no more complaining.  I really do enjoy my life and I’m happy with most of the things that are in my life right now.

The things I’m not happy with, well, I’m working on changing those.  The first is my health.  I’ve always dealt with my weight, even when I was younger, but over the last several years I’ve really done a yo-yo type thing.  I’m sick of not liking the way I look and I’m changing it now.  I’m making plans to go to LA/San Diego next summer with my bestie and I’m determined to be almost at my goal weight by then.  It’s not going to be easy and I know that.  But nothing worth getting is supposed to be easy to get.

And my health and being happy with myself is definitely worth getting.

Here’s to getting what you want, no matter what it takes.


About hann789

I'm a TV, book, and movie addict who enjoys spending time with my family and friends. I love Jesus Christ with my whole heart. I'm writing this blog just because I can. Even if no one ever reads it. Lol!
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