So, I just woke up from a very unplanned, very long Friday afternoon nap.  And well, it kind of got me thinking…

Just how sleepy can a person get.  And I’m not just talking in the vernacular, literal sense.  But in a spirit sense I guess.  It seems easy to just tread through life without really ever really living.  Kind of like sleep-walking.  You’re there, physically, but mentally?  You’re in some dream land.  Don’t get me wrong, I like dreams.  And sometimes living in dreamland is nice.  But in reality, there has to be more than that to your life.

I’m fed up with living in a sleep walking type doze.  I want to get out and really live.  Sure, it might be uncomfortable at times, but shouldn’t life be uncomfortable at times?  What’s the point if everything is easy-peasy?  I want to try new things, stretch the walls of my box out, and live my life not just sleep through it.  It seems like it would be much more fun that way.


Sidenote:  My super awesome vacation is like 260 days away now!  YAY!  California here I come!  (And well, stretching commence, without getting arrested I’d really like to stalk…I mean meet, certain people. Haha!  I think I may be a little crazy…)


About hann789

I'm a TV, book, and movie addict who enjoys spending time with my family and friends. I love Jesus Christ with my whole heart. I'm writing this blog just because I can. Even if no one ever reads it. Lol!
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